Osbert S Fung
Managing Partner
Joseph KK Fung
Managing Partner
  Joey Chow

Mr. Osbert S.Fung (馮霄律師)

Osbert Fung began his legal career in 1986. He read law on part-time basis and in 1993 was granted a law degree by the University of London. In 1994 he was further awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Laws by the University of Hong Kong.

Following traineeship in Chris H.M. Yuen & Co., Osbert was admitted as a solicitor of the then Supreme Court of Hong Kong in 1996. He continued to work in Chris H.M. Yuen & Co. as assistant solicitor. Since 1998, he became consultant in Chong So & Co. In 1999 he started his own practice under the name of Osbert Fung & Co., the predecessor of our firm.

Osbert specializes in intellectual works (contentious or non-contentious), including trade marks, copyright and patent. As a general practitioner, he has also acquired substantial experience in dealing with civil and criminal litigations conveyancing and commercial practice, landlord and tenant, matrimonial and succession.

Osbert also writes frequently about title issues in conveyancing topic. His recent publications include “Widening the Meaning of ‘Encumbrance’?”; “Showing Good Title”. His academic interests extend to other “more than law” topic, “The Status of Taiwan in eyes of the Court of Final Appeal”.

Mr. Joseph K.K. Fung (馮國基律師)

Joseph Fung, the partner of our firm, joined the legal field in the 1980s. Prior to pursuing a career in law as solicitor, he was a qualified legal executive concentrating in litigation matters. Joseph was admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales in 1998 and in Hong Kong in the following year.

Joseph joined Yuen & Partners in March 2000 as assistant solicitor. He was promoted to a partner in March 2001 to oversee both its civil and criminal litigation departments.

Joseph’s preferred areas include trade mark and copyright, conveyancing, civil and criminal litigations.

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